Which of the carriers will have to pay for Ukrainian roads?

Domestic cargo carriers will no longer have to pay for traffic on Ukrainian roads. According to Ukravtodor, it is planned to eliminate inconsistencies in bills No. 3544 and No. 3545, which regulate the collection of fees from foreign carrier companies.

A number of changes are expected in the documentation:

  • Tolls for traffic on the highways of Ukraine will be mandatory for foreign carriers specializing in transit traffic across the country;
  • Fares will be set by the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers. Presumably, the rate will be 3 hryvnia per kilometer, in the EU it is 2.2-11 hryvnia;
  • Payment control will be carried out using the system chosen during the competition;
  • Control will be carried out by stationary equipment combined with WiM complexes, as well as mobile patrols, which will receive remote devices for reading charges;
  • You will only pay for trails that meet regulatory condition requirements. Now in Ukraine there are about 12 thousand km of such highways;
  • The money received will be transferred to the State Road Fund, it will be directed to the development of the road network.

These draft laws were prepared by the Reform Support Office and their consideration began at the beginning of the month. On June 2, a round table was held, during which representatives of business circles expressed a position on the need to protect carriers from discrimination when introducing a payment system, as well as to determine environmental criteria that affect tariffs.

When developing documents, Directive 1999/62 EU was taken into account, a number of consultations were held with representatives of Hungary, Austria, and Sweden.


Ukraine agreed with Kazakhstan to increase international transportation

Ukraine agreed with Kazakhstan to increase international transportation

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