Ukraine agreed with Kazakhstan to increase international transportation

Ukraine has successfully completed negotiations with Kazakhstan on obtaining permits for international transportation. This was stated by Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Mustafa Nayem.

As a result of negotiations, it was possible to increase the maximum number of permits for 2023.

“Ukraine will receive 4,000 universal forms, 4,000 forms for transit shipments and 800 for shipments to third countries. At the same time, unused forms of 2022 remain valid until February 1, 2023,” the Deputy Minister said.

Most of all, Ukraine sells to Kazakhstan agro-industrial and food products, machinery, equipment, mechanisms, devices, means of land, air and water transport, products of the chemical and related industries. In turn, natural gas, fuel, oil and oil products, agro-industrial and food products, base metals and products from them are imported from Kazakhstan to Ukraine.

The value of Ukrainian exports to Kazakhstan last year amounted to $293.3 million, and imports from Kazakhstan to Ukraine – $510.3 million.

Nyem noted that the full-scale Russian invasion forced Ukraine to shift its focus to the transportation of goods by land, but in less than a year the country has strengthened its position in international trade.