Map showing the waiting time for goods at the borders of the EU countries

Sixfold has created a map that displays the time data for vehicles crossing EU borders online. The corresponding notification was made by representatives of the organization.

Sixfold is a provider of a truck location data platform and posted a map on their portal on 03/16/20. On the map, you can determine online the time when cars cross the borders of EU countries.

Border controls have tightened a lot in recent weeks, waiting times have increased due to the spread of the coronavirus. For this reason, the company decided to place the card on the network in the public domain. To provide up-to-date data, Sixfold uses aggregated online and predictive information taken from location systems.

The map was created to effectively plan for delivery delays due to the unfavorable situation that has developed amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sixfold is Europe’s leading independent rendering service provider. The company assists major global organizations, their carriers and customers in obtaining accurate shipping estimates. Engaged in providing online information about the location of goods. The technology developed by Sixfold is designed to combine transport management systems, cartographic information and predictive analytics, truck telematics.


Ukraine agreed with Kazakhstan to increase international transportation

Ukraine agreed with Kazakhstan to increase international transportation

Ukraine has successfully completed negotiations with Kazakhstan on obtaining permits for international transportation. This was stated by Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Mustafa Nayem. As a result of negotiations, it was possible to increase the maximum number of permits for 2023. “Ukraine will receive 4,000 universal forms, 4,000 forms for transit shipments and 800 for shipments […]